I-R Theory Training vs. Development

From Self Awareness to Self Realization

On this picture you can see big “I” (it’s is you) in the center; it is the unique you. You are surrounded by R (roles) you play in your life (parent, employee etc.) Each R is your skill. When you go through training, you work on one R at a time only. When you work on personal development, you work on the whole, total person at the same time (on all Rs). WHAT is “R” is not always who you “I”.

We live in a world of abundance, with opportunity on every hand. We can, through the power of choice, make of ourselves whatever we want. If we have unlimited potential,

Why are not all people successful automatically?

Positive Solutions is here to help you up - to successOne reason is found in conflicting desires. We are torn between being ourselves and gaining acceptance by the group or society in which we live. Throughout your life, as the people in your environment reacted to you with approval or disapproval, you began to form a mental picture of yourself based on that input. You may now be limiting your success based on these old messages and ignoring the fact that you are more experienced and more capable than you were in the past.

What are my chances to reach what I want?

  • Statistics says that 3% of population make things happen;
  • 7% watch things happen;
  • 90% wonder if things can happen.

The reason most people don’t reach their goals is that they don’t define them, learn about them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable, says Dennis Waitley, the author of “Seeds of Greatness” who trained Olympic champions and astronauts.

How can I measure my progress toward my success?

Your success is not based on a comparison of your wealth or achievement with that of another. The measurement of your progress toward success is measured by what you are doing now compare to your potential.

If fear, doubt and worry control my success, is it any common reason and solution?

A great deal more than spiritual mystery lies in the biblical observation, “…and a little child shall lead them”. Let’s look at the attributes of children. First, they haven’t learned to be apprehensive of new situations. They have natural curiosity and desire to learn. Then, too, children are flexible; they can accept change and adapt quickly because they lack deeply ingrained habit patterns. Children are also self-confident because they have not yet acquired a “fear of failure”. By the time we reach adulthood, the experiences we have faced and our reactions to them have shaped our attitudes and personalities to make us what we are today.

Reasons For Any Failure:

  • Lack of persistence
  • Unwilling to pay the price in effort
  • Don’t have a clear picture of what success means.

How To Overcome:

  • Stay Focused
  • Attitude change
  • Learn skills all successful people practice.

Are there any real hazard on the way of self improvement I need to be aware first?

The real hazard is failure to recognize roadblocks that should be faced and overcome.

Why is my attitude so important in this process?

The space we occupy in life is determined by your mental attitude, no more, no less. Dominating thoughts in your mind control your destiny. Always rate yourself 10, believe in yourself instead doubting yourself.

Any words of wisdom about making mistakes?

Mistakes are not indication of weakness. You can learn from your mistakes or be conditioned by them. They may follow from the lack of planning, lack of understanding or poor decision making. No decision is risk free, once you have reached a decision, act on it.

It is stressful to meet a target date for the goal. Why is it important to have a deadline?

A target date for your goal is a useful tool; you can change it without abandoning the goal. Once you know what stands between you and your goal, you can usually find a solution.