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When I started this “journey” about 14 month ago, you told me that change was good and that I should embrace it. I have truly realized that people are our greatest asset. You have given me and the company the “tools” to help make our people an asset. You have motivated us to plan for the future with procedures and goals. You have inspired me to become a true leader through “management by example”.

R.W.Scott Construction Co, Inc.

For the last 3 months, I have worked on the Personal Success Planner and effective sales strategy. Since then, my productivity, both in my sales career and personal life has grown tremendously. My monthly sales averages have been steadily increasing. I now can plan and prioritize the factors that matter most and plan how to accomplish the goals that lead to my own sense of satisfaction.

California Sound 95.3 KXTZ

I recently sat down to review my progress, and I found it to be quite outstanding.When I started using the “My Tyme” planner in 1997, my annual income was $24,00. At that time I discussed getting over the $ 50,000 mark. We decided that I needed a tool to help me get psychological barrier to making that amount. From 1997 to 1998 my income increased 27%. Now in 2002, I have reached a plateau and my next goal is to reach the six figure income level.

Maintenance Supply Systems

What a tremendous program! I have completed a number of degrees and participated in as many graduations but this one was special. I was having some difficulty meeting deadlines because of frequent interruptions. This time I really knew exactly what I had accomplished. Time has become my friend rather than my enemy; I am controlling priorities in all aspects of my life, not just my job; my communication skills have improved. Most importantly, I have been able to free almost one hour per day, in a rather busy schedule. This represents a significant dollar value.

Chapman University

My personal and business productivity has incresed significantly. I strongly recommend this program to anyone. Regardless of business size, the information offered in this course can be virtal part of your organizational as well as your personal life.

Western Propane Service

After 20 years in business we needed something to help us renew the spirit and enthusiasm we enjoyed when our company was new. Effective Personal Productivity and Effective Selling Strategies are two programs that have helped us in:

  • changing employee morale and improvement our office atmosphere
  • ability to design, measure and quantify our behaviors in customers service and customer satisfaction

Answer Page, INC

If you are looking at

  • re-vitalizing your own business acumen
  • refocusing your goals
  • identifying your own practices or employee practices that sabotage your success
  • finding and eliminating the daily interruptions and processes that bog you down, and prevent you from finishing what you start
  • getting back to a daily “goal-oriented” focus for you and your employees
  • re-establishing a “sale culture” within your Agency,

then I recommend “Effective Personal Productivity” course.

This has been a wonderful opportunity for me to investigate my own business practices and personal habits. I am seeing measured improvements within my office, both in terms of monthly production, and the reduction of “do-overs”. More importantly, I like the way I feel about my business for the first time in quite while.

State Farm Insurance

The beginning: Jon and Scott, two brothers, were confident in their skills, knew the business well and had a goal to complete a project of framing-in in 77 hours (to simplify it to train lesser-skilled employees). In a short time, they recruited 35 new employees for a total of 80 employees.

Challenge: They realized a potentially overwhelming problem… they were not prepared to manage all of these people. They believed that their biggest payoff could come from investing in leadership development. To Jon’s surprise, they saw a return on investment before they even reached the last session in the program.

Results: In the beginning (2002) had $2 million in gross sales with 80 employees. In 2006 – $34 million in sales with 200 employees.

A case Study Luker Framing, Inc. (LMI Journal)